Photo- and video-analytics for business

Video surveillance

SQILFACE identifies known faces from the archives in real time mode from IP- cameras and automatically sends customer’s personal information to the system administrator. SQILFACE helps to prevent loss of income and reputation by means of anti-fraud drive and stave off other criminal actions.

Customer analytics

SQILFACE automatically recognizes faces in real time, detects the gender and age, which allows the software users to upgrade the profiles of regular clients or to create a new one to understand the client’s behavior and calculate the quantity of visits.

the system automatically detects the gender and age, collects the statistics of visits and displays personalized marketing messages on public display screens.

SQILFACE processes plenty of streams from IP-cameras in real time mode.

the system integrates with the mobile application, makes it possible to import/export data and integrate with other systems, social networks.

SQILFACE allows you to identify the client in less than 0.02 seconds with an accuracy of 99%. 

business Optimization

SQILFACE allows you to personalize offers for customers even when they are not in your territory. For example, the camera of the partner shop can identify the customer, compare them with you client base and, in case of coincidence, the SQILFACE system will notify you, which allows to analyze the customers’ habits aiming to optimize business processes and the marketing system. The system gives an opportunity to increase the quality of the service of the VIP-clients, using face recognition, and defines the key clients as soon as they get into your premises. SQILFACE allows you to identify the VIP-clients and thus surround them with care according to their status. The system administrator will get an immediate notification about the visit of a special client from the “white list”. The face recognition system detects the sex and age of the clients and is able to display targeted marketing messages on public display screens.

Calculation of the unique clients and statistical analysis


Identification of VIP-clients


Public security

Monitoring of large groups of people and fast identification of potential security threats in office space and public places using personal identification in real time. The system allows you to automate control of the entrance and prevent crowds, which is inevitable while accounting and recognizing incoming customers manually. It is possible to compare images transmitted from surveillance cameras with a list of suspicious persons or with the “black list”, which increases the effectiveness of the security system and simplifies the work of the staff due to automatic alarms. SQILFACE also allows to reduce the time of investigations due to the analysis of video recordings received from surveillance cameras.

Forensic analysis

“Black/white list” monitoring

Real time identification

Retail Analytics

SQILFACE provides demographic information after conducting a comprehensive analysis of facial biometrics. Can easily analyze the number of people who enter the controlled room, calculates the time, spent in the store, and splits according to the gender and age. The system provides the ability to calculate the frequency of visits, seasonal prevalence and tendencies to understand the desires and preferences of the clients better.

Calculation of the unique customers

Gender and age detection

Statistical analysis

Access control

The system allows you to set the level of automatic access to the premises, providing the way to the territory through a barrier, automatically determining the number of the vehicle. SQILFACE also makes it possible to monitor the location of the staff and their working time.

Employee authorization

Property protection

Automatic access


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